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Hair's What We Do!

A Guaranteed Exclusive Experience 

Chemical Services

*Relaxer Retouch 

* Virgin Relaxer

* Permanent Hair Color

* Highlights

* Partial Highlights

* Demi-permanent Hair Color

Straightening System

* Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System


* Protein Treatment

* Deep Conditioning Treatment

* Moisture Retention Treatment

* Shine Treatment

* Color Gloss

* Shampoo/Set



Extensions & Weaving

* Bonded weave ( track by track)

* Bonded weave full head (quickweave)

* Partial Sew- In

* Full Sew in

* Individual Braids

* Scalp Braids

*Kinky Twists

* Crochets

Natural Hair Care



*Natural Styles

*Protective Styles

*Loc Maintience

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